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Unit III - Ideal Gases

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  • Definition and properties of an "ideal gas"
  • Definition of pressure< (P = F/A)
    • impulse delivered by collisions of gas molecules with a surface
    • pressure units: atmosphere and pascals
    • absolute vs gauge pressure
  • Ideal Gas Law
    • Gas Law Constant
    • Combined Gas Law
  • Review chemistry relationships
    • definition of a mole
    • Avogadro’s Number
    • molar mass
    • number of molecules present in a gas sample
    • mass of a single atom/molecule
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Graphs
    • Pressure vs Temperature - slope, x-axis intercept
    • Volume vs Temperature - slope, x-axis intercept
    • Pressure vs Volume - inversely proportional
  • Internal Energy (U) of a gas
    • temperature
    • type of gas (monatomic, diatomic, and polyatomic)
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