PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Conservation of Momentum

Directions: On this worksheet you will be practicing your knowledge of conservation of momentum.

Question 1  A 2.5-kg ball has a KE of 70.3 J. What is the ball's momentum?
Question 2  A 54-kilogram skater at rest on a frictionless rink throws a 2.5-kilogram ball, giving the ball a velocity of 7.5 m/s. Which value describes the skater's subsequent motion?
Question 3  

A 6100-kg freight car moving at 7.5 m/sec collides and couples with an 15250-kg freight car which is initially at rest. The approximate common final speed of these two cars is
Question 4  A 5.4-g bullet moving at 215 m/sec is brought to a stop in 0.8 seconds when it strikes a tree. The average braking force exerted on the bullet by the tree is
Question 5  You push two objects, both initially at rest, with the same amount of force through the same distance. Object A has mass, m, while object B has mass, 16m.
Question 6  A heavy and a light object are released from the same height and fall to the ground. Just before they strike the ground, they will have
Question 7  A girl jumps upward from the surface of the earth.

Does an external force act on system 'girl + earth'?
Question 8  Running at 3.75 m/sec Jack, a 45-kg quarterback, collides with Leon, a 90-kg tackle, who is traveling towards him at 7.5 m/sec. Upon colliding, Leon continues to travel forward towards Jack, at 1.5 m/sec. How fast does Jack leave the collision?
Question 9  In which picture does Bronco have the greatest terminal velocity?

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