PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Vibration Graphs and Period

Directions: On this worksheet you will practice reading vibration graphs and correctly answering questions based on its period and frequency.

Question 1  The brown-graph shown below tracks the vibrations of a pendulum using a sonic ranger. You are given that the first trough occured at 8 seconds and the last trough occured at 27.4 seconds.

Based on the first trough, how many complete vibrations are shown on the graph?
Question 2  What was the pendulum's period?
Question 3  What was the pendulum's frequency?
Question 4  Based on the time of the first trough, how many complete vibrations would have taken place in 31 seconds had the sonic ranger continued recording?
Question 5  Based on the formula for a simple pendulum, how long was the pendulum in this experiment?

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