PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Assorted Resonance

Question 1  What is the wave speed of a wave traveling through a long spring if its frequency is 12 Hz and its wavelength is 2.3 m.
Question 2  Given that the spring in Question 1 does not change, what would be the wave's new wavelength if the frequency of oscillation were to be doubled?
Question 3  A string vibrates at 476 Hz with a wavelength of 2.3 meters. If the wavelength is shortened by 0.575 meters, what is its new frequency?
Question 4  A fundamental fixed-fixed standing wave is generated along a 1.2-meter string when its frequency is 476 Hz. What would be the frequency of a 3rd harmonic wave generated along this same string?
Question 5  The speed of sound inside a 0.64-meter long open-closed tube (fixed-free) is 344.8 m/sec.What are its first three resonate frequencies?
Question 6   If the tube in Question 5 was now opened on both ends (free-free), what would be its new first three resonate frequencies?
Question 7  The lowest frequency that a conch shell is able to produce is 269 Hz, if the resonating dimension is 0.32 meters and the wave speed is 344.8 m/s, what type of standing wave is being created?
Question 8  What is the speed of sound in a chamber (fixed-free) that is 2.3 meters deep if sound is resonating at 476 Hz?

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