PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Resistors and Capacitors

Directions: On this worksheet you will review the formulas and relationships for capacitors wired in series and in parallel and well as capacitors in DC circuits.

Question 1  In the circuit shown below, the values for each capacitor are:

C1 = 6 µF      C2 = 4 µF      C3 = 11 µF;      

Based on these values, what would be the total capacitance of this combination?

This diagram is only referenced in Questions 1-4.
Question 2  What is the charge on each plate of capacitor C1 if the emf of the battery is 10 volts?
Question 3  What is the voltage drop across capacitor C3?
Question 4  What is the charge on capacitor C2?
Question 5  What would be the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor where each plate has an area of 25 cm2 and the plates are separated by 2 mm?
Question 6  If the capacitor in Question #5 were to be charged by a 10-V battery, how much energy would be stored in the electric field between the capacitor's plates?
Question 7  In the circuit shown below, R1 has a resistance of 400 ohms, R2 has a resistance of 1100 ohms, and the battery has an emf of 10 volts. What would be the voltage lost across R1 when steady state currents have been achieved?
Question 8  If the capacitor has a capacitance equal to 6 µF, how muc charge would be stored on its plates when steady-state conditions have been reached?

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