PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2015, Part 1

1. Which quantities are scalar?
2. A 3.00-kilogram mass is thrown vertically upward with an initial speed of 9.80 meters per second. What is the maximum height this object will reach? [Neglect friction.]
3. An airplane traveling north at 220. meters per second encounters a 50.0-meters-per-second crosswind from west to east, as represented in the diagram below.
What is the resultant speed of the plane?
4. A 160.-kilogram space vehicle is traveling along a straight line at a constant speed of 800. meters per second. The magnitude of the net force on the space vehicle is
5. A student throws a 5.0-newton ball straight up. What is the net force on the ball at its maximum height?
6. A vertical spring has a spring constant of 100. newtons per meter. When an object is attached to the bottom of the spring, the spring changes from its unstretched length of 0.50 meter to a length of 0.65 meter. The magnitude of the weight of the attached object is
7. A 1.5-kilogram cart initially moves at 2.0 meters per second. It is brought to rest by a constant net force in 0.30 second. What is the magnitude of the net force?
8. Which characteristic of a light wave must increase as the light wave passes from glass into air?
9. As a 5.0 × 102-newton basketball player jumps from the floor up toward the basket, the magnitude of the force of her feet on the floor is 1.0 × 103 newtons. As she jumps, the magnitude of the force of the floor on her feet is
10. A 0.0600-kilogram ball traveling at 60.0 meters per second hits a concrete wall. What speed must a 0.0100-kilogram bullet have in order to hit the wall with the same magnitude of momentum as the ball?
11. The Hubble telescope’s orbit is 5.6 × 105 meters above Earth’s surface. The telescope has a mass of 1.1 × 104 kilograms. Earth exerts a gravitational force of 9.1 × 104 newtons on the telescope. The magnitude of Earth’s gravitational field strength at this location is
12. When two point charges are a distance d apart, the magnitude of the electrostatic force between them is F. If the distance between the point charges is increased to 3d, the magnitude of the electrostatic force between the two charges will be
13. A radio operating at 3.0 volts and a constant temperature draws a current of 1.8 × 10−4 ampere. What is the resistance of the radio circuit?
14. Which energy transformation occurs in an operating electric motor?
15. A block slides across a rough, horizontal tabletop. As the block comes to rest, there is an increase in the block-tabletop system’s

16. How much work is required to move an electron through a potential difference of 3.00 volts?
17. During a laboratory experiment, a student finds that at 20° Celsius, a 6.0-meter length of copper wire has a resistance of 1.3 ohms. The cross-sectional area of this wire is
18 A net charge of 5.0 coulombs passes a point on a conductor in 0.050 second. The average current is
19. If several resistors are connected in series in an electric circuit, the potential difference across each resistor

20. The amplitude of a sound wave is most closely related to the sound’s
21. A duck floating on a lake oscillates up and down 5.0 times during a 10.-second interval as a periodic wave passes by. What is the frequency of the duck’s oscillations?
22. Which diagram best represents the position of a ball, at equal time intervals, as it falls freely from rest near Earth’s surface?
23. A gamma ray and a microwave traveling in a vacuum have the same
24. A student produces a wave in a long spring by vibrating its end. As the frequency of the vibration is doubled, the wavelength in the spring is
25. Which two points on the wave shown in the diagram below are in-phase with each other?

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