PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2007, Part 2

21 As yellow light ( f = 5.09 × 1014 Hz) travels from zircon into diamond, the speed of the light
22 The diagram below represents a transverse wave.
The distance between which two points identifies the amplitude of the wave?
23 The diagram below represents a periodic wave.
Which point on the wave is in phase with point P?
24 What is the period of a 60.-hertz electromagnetic wave traveling at 3.0 × 108 meters per second?
25 At an outdoor physics demonstration, a delay of 0.50 second was observed between the time sound waves left a loudspeaker and the time these sound waves reached a student through the air. If the air is at STP, how far was the student from the speaker?
26 A microwave and an x ray are traveling in a vacuum. Compared to the wavelength and period of the microwave, the x ray has a wavelength that is

27 Which type of wave requires a material medium through which to travel?
28 A car traveling at 70 kilometers per hour accelerates to pass a truck. When the car reaches a speed of 90 kilometers per hour the driver hears the glove compartment door start to vibrate. By the time the speed of the car is 100 kilometers per hour, the glove compartment door has stopped vibrating. This vibrating phenomenon is an example of
29 A beam of monochromatic light approaches a barrier having four openings, A, B, C, and D, of different sizes as shown below.

Which opening will cause the greatest diffraction?
30 Two waves having the same frequency and amplitude are traveling in the same medium. Maximum constructive interference occurs at points where the phase difference between the two superposed waves is
31 A student sees a train that is moving away from her and sounding its whistle at a constant frequency. Compared to the sound produced by the whistle, the sound observed by the student is

32 Which quantity of excess electric charge could be found on an object?
33 The diagram below represents two electrically charged identical-sized metal spheres, A and B.
If the spheres are brought into contact, which sphere will have a net gain of electrons?
34 Light demonstrates the characteristics of

35 The energy produced by the complete conversion of 2.0 × 10–5 kilogram of mass into energy is
36 What is the approximate length of a baseball bat?
37 A force of 1 newton is equivalent to 1
Refer to the following information for the next two questions.

A stream is 30. meters wide and its current flows southward at 1.5 meters per second. A toy boat is launched with a velocity of 2.0 meters per second eastward from the west bank of the stream.
38 What is the magnitude of the boat’s resultant velocity as it crosses the stream?
39 How much time is required for the boat to reach the opposite bank of the stream?
40 An observer recorded the following data for the motion of a car undergoing constant acceleration.
What was the magnitude of the acceleration of the car?

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