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Pendulum Lab Review

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Based on your lab using a simple pendulum, match the correct definition to each word.
1. independent variable

2. dependent variable

3. vibration

4. length of a pendulum

5. amplitude of oscillation

6. point of suspension

7. center of mass

8. period

9. acceleration due to gravity

  1. the amount of time for one vibration 
  2. the strength of the earth's gravitational field
  3. the angle from which the bob is initially released with respect to its equilibrium position
  4. the distance from the pendulum's point of suspension to the center of mass of its bob
  5. the pivot point
  6. in an experiment, this is the variable whose value is an outcome of the experiment.
  7. the point where all of the mass of the object can be considered to be concentrated
  8. in an experiment, this is the variable which is controlled.
  9. one complete back and forth motion
Data Analysis.
Using the information given in the data chart, complete the two designated rows in the following table. Note: Each trial of the pendulum was timed for 30.0 seconds.
L L average frequency period period2
(cm) (m) (vib) (hz) (sec) (sec2)
General Graph Questions.
1. Based on its axes, what is the title of this graph? 

2. What are the co-ordinates of two grid points? 

3. What is the numerical value of the slope of this line? 

4. In what units is the slope measured? 

5. Write the equation for this line. 

6. Based on your graphical analysis, use the equation of your regression line to predict the period of a pendulum that is 3.0 meters long. 

7. Theoretically, the slope of this graph represents the expression 4π 2/g.  By setting the numerical value of your slope equal to this expression, determine the experimental value for g, the earth's gravitational field strength, in your classroom. 

8. If the accepted value for g in this lab is 9.8 m/sec2, what is the percent error for this experimental data? 

9. When you conducted your experiment, did the mass of the pendulum bob affect its period? 

10. When you conducted your experiment, how did the length of the pendulum affect its period? 

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