PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2014, Part 2

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26. As a car approaches a pedestrian crossing the road, the driver blows the horn. Compared to the sound wave emitted by the horn, the sound wave detected by the pedestrian has a

27. When air is blown across the top of an open water bottle, air molecules in the bottle vibrate at a particular frequency and sound is produced. This phenomenon is called
28. An antibaryon composed of two antiup quarks and one antidown quark would have a charge of
29. Which force is responsible for producing a stable nucleus by opposing the electrostatic force of repulsion between protons?
30. What is the total energy released when 9.11 × 10−31 kilogram of mass is converted into energy?
31. A shopping cart slows as it moves along a level floor. Which statement describes the energies of the cart?

32. Two identically-sized metal spheres, A and B, are on insulating stands, as shown in the diagram below.
Sphere A possesses an excess of 6.3 × 1010 electrons and sphere B is neutral. Which diagram best represents the charge distribution on sphere B?
33. Two points, A and B, are located within the electric field produced by a −3.0 nanocoulomb charge. Point A is 0.10 meter to the left of the charge and point B is 0.20 meter to the right of the charge, as shown in the diagram below.
Compared to the magnitude of the electric field strength at point A, the magnitude of the electric field strength at point B is
34. The diagram below represents two waves, A and B, traveling through the same uniform medium.
Which characteristic is the same for both waves?

35. The diagram below shows a periodic wave.
Which two points on the wave are 180.° out of phase?
36. The height of a 30-story building is approximately
37. Two identically-sized metal spheres on insulating stands are positioned as shown below. The charge on sphere A is −4.0 × 10−6 coulomb and the charge on sphere B is −8.0 × 10−6 coulomb.
The two spheres are touched together and then separated. The total number of excess electrons on sphere A after the separation is
38. A 1.0 × 103-kilogram car travels at a constant speed of 20. meters per second around a horizontal circular track. The diameter of the track is 1.0 × 102 meters. The magnitude of the car’s centripetal acceleration is
39. Which combination of units can be used to express electrical energy?
40. The total amount of electrical energy used by a 315-watt television during 30.0 minutes of operation is
41. Which graph best represents the relationship between the absolute index of refraction and the speed of light (f = 5.09 × 1014 Hz) in various media?
42. A 25-gram paper cup falls from rest off the edge of a tabletop 0.90 meter above the floor. If the cup has 0.20 joule of kinetic energy when it hits the floor, what is the total amount of energy converted into internal (thermal) energy during the cup’s fall?
43. Which electron transition between the energy levels of hydrogen causes the emission of a photon of visible light?
44. Which graph best represents an object in equilibrium moving in a straight line?
45. A body, B, is moving at constant speed in a horizontal circular path around point P. Which diagram shows the direction of the velocity (v) and the direction of the centripetal force (Fc) acting on the body?
46. Which graph best represents the relationship between photon energy and photon wavelength?
47. Which combination of initial horizontal velocity, (vH) and initial vertical velocity, (vv) results in the greatest horizontal range for a projectile over level ground? [Neglect friction.]
48. Which graph best represents the greatest amount of work?
49. When a ray of light traveling in water reaches a boundary with air, part of the light ray is reflected and part is refracted. Which ray diagram best represents the paths of the reflected and refracted light rays?
50. The graph below represents the work done against gravity by a student as she walks up a flight of stairs at constant speed.
Compared to the power generated by the student after 2.0 seconds, the power generated by the student after 4.0 seconds is

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