PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2014, Part 1

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1. Which quantity is scalar?
2. What is the final speed of an object that starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 4.0 meters per second2 over a distance of 8.0 meters?
3. The components of a 15-meters-per-second velocity at an angle of 60.° above the horizontal are

4. What is the time required for an object starting from rest to fall freely 500. meters near Earth’s surface?
5 A baseball bat exerts a force of magnitude F on a ball. If the mass of the bat is three times the mass of the ball, the magnitude of the force of the ball on the bat is
6. A 2.0-kilogram mass is located 3.0 meters above the surface of Earth. What is the magnitude of Earth’s gravitational field strength at this location?
7. A truck, initially traveling at a speed of 22 meters per second, increases speed at a constant rate of 2.4 meters per second2 for 3.2 seconds. What is the total distance traveled by the truck during this 3.2-second time interval?
8. A 750-newton person stands in an elevator that is accelerating downward. The upward force of the elevator floor on the person must be
9. A 3.0-kilogram object is acted upon by an impulse having a magnitude of 15 newton•seconds. What is the magnitude of the object’s change in momentum due to this impulse?
10. An air bag is used to safely decrease the momentum of a driver in a car accident. The air bag reduces the magnitude of the force acting on the driver by

11. An electron moving at constant speed produces

12. A beam of electrons passes through an electric field where the magnitude of the electric field strength is 3.00 × 103 newtons per coulomb. What is the magnitude of the electrostatic force exerted by the electric field on each electron in the beam?
13. How much work is required to move 3.0 coulombs of electric charge a distance of 0.010 meter through a potential difference of 9.0 volts?
14. What is the resistance of a 20.0-meter-long tungsten rod with a cross-sectional area of 1.00 × 10−4 meter2 at 20°C?
15. Two pieces of flint rock produce a visible spark when they are struck together. During this process, mechanical energy is converted into

16. A 15-kilogram cart is at rest on a horizontal surface. A 5-kilogram box is placed in the cart. Compared to the mass and inertia of the cart, the cart-box system has

17. Transverse waves are to radio waves as longitudinal waves are to
18. As a monochromatic light ray passes from air into water, two characteristics of the ray that will not change are
19. When a mass is placed on a spring with a spring constant of 60.0 newtons per meter, the spring is compressed 0.500 meter. How much energy is stored in the spring?
20. A boy pushes his sister on a swing. What is the frequency of oscillation of his sister on the swing if the boy counts 90. complete swings in 300. seconds?
21. What is the period of a sound wave having a frequency of 340. hertz?
22. An MP3 player draws a current of 0.120 ampere from a 3.00-volt battery. What is the total charge that passes through the player in 900. seconds?
23. A beam of light has a wavelength of 4.5 × 10−7 meter in a vacuum. The frequency of this light is
24. When x-ray radiation and infrared radiation are traveling in a vacuum, they have the same
25. The diagram below represents two identical pulses approaching each other in a uniform medium. As the pulses meet and are superposed, the maximum displacement of the medium is

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