PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2013, Part 2

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26. Sound waves are produced by the horn of a truck that is approaching a stationary observer. Compared to the sound waves detected by the driver of the truck, the sound waves detected by the observer have a greater
27. The electronvolt is a unit of
28. Which particle would produce a magnetic field?

29. A physics student takes her pulse and determines that her heart beats periodically 60 times in 60 seconds. The period of her heartbeat is
30. Moving 4.0 coulombs of charge through a circuit requires 48 joules of electric energy. What is the potential difference across this circuit?
31. The diagram below shows currents in a segment of an electric circuit.
What is the reading of ammeter A?
32. An electric dryer consumes 6.0 × 106 joules of electrical energy when operating at 220 volts for 1.8 × 103 seconds. During operation, the dryer draws a current of
33. Which net charge could be found on an object?
34. A photon is emitted as the electron in a hydrogen atom drops from the n = 5 energy level directly to the n = 3 energy level. What is the energy of the emitted photon?
35. In a process called pair production, an energetic gamma ray is converted into an electron and a positron. It is not possible for a gamma ray to be converted into two electrons because

36. The approximate length of an unsharpened No. 2 pencil is
37. The diagram below shows an 8.0-kilogram cart moving to the right at 4.0 meters per second about to make a head-on collision with a 4.0-kilogram cart moving to the left at 6.0 meters per second.
After the collision, the 4.0-kilogram cart moves to the right at 3.0 meters per second. What is the velocity of the 8.0-kilogram cart after the collision?
38. Four  forces  act  concurrently  on  a  block  on  a horizontal surface as shown in the diagram below.
As a result of these forces, the block

39. If a motor lifts a 400.-kilogram mass a vertical distance of 10. meters in 8.0 seconds, the minimum power generated by the motor is
40. A 4.0-kilogram object is accelerated at 3.0 meters per second2 north by an unbalanced force. The same unbalanced force acting on a 2.0-kilogram object will accelerate this object toward the north at
41. An electron is located in an electric field of magnitude 600. newtons per coulomb. What is the magnitude of the electrostatic force acting on the electron?
42. The current in a wire is 4.0 amperes. The time required for 2.5 × 1019 electrons to pass a certain point in the wire is
43. When two point charges of magnitude q1 and q2 are separated by a distance, r, the magnitude of the electrostatic force between them is F. What would be the magnitude of the electrostatic force between point charges 2q1 and 4q2 when separated by a distance of 2r?
44. The composition of a meson with a charge of −1 elementary charge could be
45. Which graph represents the relationship between the kinetic energy and the speed of a freely falling object?
46. Which diagram represents the electric field between two oppositely charged conducting spheres?
47. Which graph represents the relationship between the magnitude of the gravitational force, Fg, between two masses and the distance, r, between the centers of the masses?
48. The diagram below shows two waves traveling toward each other at equal speed in a uniform medium.
When both waves are in the region between points A and B, they will undergo
49. The diagram below shows a series of straight wave fronts produced in a shallow tank of water approaching a small opening in a barrier.
Which diagram represents the appearance of the wave fronts after passing through the opening in the barrier?
50. The graph below represents the relationship between energy and the equivalent mass from which it can be converted.
The slope of this graph represents

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