PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2012, Part 2

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26. A 3.6-volt battery is used to operate a cell phone for 5.0 minutes. If the cell phone dissipates 0.064 watt of power during its operation, the
current that passes through the phone is
27. A monochromatic beam of light has a frequency of 7.69 × 1014 hertz. What is the energy of a photon of this light?
28. A 3.00 × 10−9-coulomb test charge is placed near a negatively charged metal sphere. The sphere exerts an electrostatic force of magnitude 6.00 × 10−5 newton on the test charge. What is the magnitude and direction of the electric field strength at this location?

29. What is characteristic of both sound waves and electromagnetic waves?
30. A small object is dropped through a loop of wire connected to a sensitive ammeter on the edge of a table, as shown in the diagram below.
A reading on the ammeter is most likely produced when the object falling through the loop of wire is a
31. What is the wavelength of a 2.50-kilohertz sound wave traveling at 326 meters per second through air?
32. Ultrasound is a medical technique that transmits sound waves through soft tissue in the human body. Ultrasound waves can break kidney stones into tiny fragments, making it easier for them to be excreted without pain. The shattering of kidney stones with specific frequencies of sound waves is an application of which wave phenomenon?
33. In the diagram below, a stationary source located at point S produces sound having a constant frequency of 512 hertz. Observer A, 50. meters to the left of S, hears a frequency of 512 hertz. Observer B, 100. meters to the right of S, hears a frequency lower than 512 hertz.
Which statement best describes the motion of the observers?

34. While sitting in a boat, a fisherman observes that two complete waves pass by his position every 4 seconds. What is the period of these waves?
35. A wave passes through an opening in a barrier. The amount of diffraction experienced by the wave depends on the size of the opening and the wave’s
36, The length of a football field is closest to
37. A student on an amusement park ride moves in a circular path with a radius of 3.5 meters once every 8.9 seconds. The student moves at an average speed of
38. When a 1.0-kilogram cart moving with a speed of 0.50 meter per second on a horizontal surface collides with a second 1.0-kilogram cart initially at rest, the carts lock together. What is the speed of the combined carts after the collision? [Neglect friction.]
39. Two elevators, A and B, move at constant speed. Elevator B moves with twice the speed of elevator A. Elevator B weighs twice as much as elevator A. Compared to the power needed to lift elevator A, the power needed to lift elevator B is
40. What is the maximum height to which a motor having a power rating of 20.4 watts can lift a 5.00-kilogram stone vertically in 10.0 seconds?
41. What is the current in a wire if 3.4 × 1019 electrons pass by a point in this wire every 60. seconds?
42. Which graph represents the relationship between the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by Earth on a spacecraft and the distance between the center of the spacecraft and center of Earth? [Assume constant mass for the spacecraft.]
43. To increase the brightness of a desk lamp, a student replaces a 50-watt incandescent light bulb with a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. Compared to the 50-watt light bulb, the 100-watt light bulb has

44. Electrons in excited hydrogen atoms are in the n = 3 energy level.
How many different photon frequencies could be emitted as the atoms return to the ground state?
45 The diagram below represents a setup for demonstrating motion.
When the lever is released, the support rod withdraws from ball B, allowing it to fall. At the same instant, the rod contacts ball A, propelling it horizontally to the left. Which statement describes the motion that is observed after the lever is released and the balls fall? [Neglect friction.]

46. Two speakers, S1 and S2, operating in phase in the same medium produce the circular wave patterns shown in the diagram below.
At which two points is constructive interference occurring?
47. A 100.0-kilogram boy and a 50.0-kilogram girl, each holding a spring scale, pull against each other as shown in the diagram below.
The graph below shows the relationship between the magnitude of the force that the boy applies on his spring scale and time.
Which graph best represents the relationship between the magnitude of the force that the girl applies on her spring scale and time?
48. In which diagram do the field lines best represent the gravitational field around Earth?
49. A ray of light (f = 5.09 × 1014 Hz) travels through various substances. Which graph best represents the relationship between the absolute index of refraction of these substances and the corresponding speed of light in these substances?
50. A pendulum is made from a 7.50-kilogram mass attached to a rope connected to the ceiling of a gymnasium. The mass is pushed to the side until it is at position A, 1.5 meters higher than its equilibrium position. After it is released from rest at position A, the pendulum moves freely back and forth between positions A and B, as shown in the diagram below.
What is the total amount of kinetic energy that the mass has as it swings freely through its equilibrium position? [Neglect friction.]

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