PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2010, Part 2

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27. A ray of monochromatic yellow light (f = 5.09 x 1014 Hz) passes from water through flint glass and into medium X, as shown below.
The absolute index of refraction of medium X is
28. A light ray traveling in air enters a second medium and its speed slows to 1.71  108 meters per second. What is the absolute index of refraction of the second medium?
29. Playing a certain musical note on a trumpet causes the spring on the bottom of a nearby snare drum to vibrate. This phenomenon is an example of
30. In a vacuum, all electromagnetic waves have the same
31. A particle that is composed of two up quarks and one down quark is a
32. A helium atom consists of two protons, two electrons, and two neutrons. In the helium atom, the strong force is a fundamental interaction between the
33. What total mass must be converted into energy to produce a gamma photon with an energy of 1.03 x 10–13 joule?
34. Compared to the mass and charge of a proton, an antiproton has

Note  that  question  35  has  only  three choices.
35. As viewed from Earth, the light from a star has lower frequencies than the light emitted by the star because the star is
36. The total work done in lifting a typical high school physics textbook  a vertical  distance  of 0.10 meter is approximately
37. Which electrical unit is equivalent to one joule?
38. A  small  electric  motor  is used  to  lift a 0.50-kilogram mass at constant speed. If the mass is lifted a vertical distance of 1.5 meters in 5.0 seconds, the average power developed by the motor is
39. A ball is dropped from the top of a cliff. Which graph best represents the relationship between the ball’s total energy and elapsed time as the ball falls to the ground? [Neglect friction.]
40. A child, starting from rest at the top of a playground slide, reaches a speed of 7.0 meters per second at the bottom of the slide. What is the vertical height of the slide? [Neglect friction.]
41. The graph below represents the relationship between the current in a metallic conductor and the potential difference across the conductor at constant temperature.
The resistance of the conductor is
42. A student throws a baseball vertically upward and then catches it. If vertically upward is considered to be the positive direction, which graph best represents the relationship between velocity and time for the baseball? [Neglect friction.]
43. A 5.0-kilogram sphere, starting from rest, falls freely 22 meters in 3.0 seconds near the surface of a planet. Compared to the acceleration due to gravity near Earth’s surface, the acceleration due to gravity near the surface of the planet is approximately
44. A 15.0-kilogram mass is moving at 7.50 meters per second on a horizontal, frictionless surface. What is the total work that must be done on the mass to increase its speed to 11.5 meters per second?
45. The circuit diagram below represents four resistors connected to a 12-volt source.
What is the total current in the circuit?
46. Which graph best represents the relationship between the power expended by a resistor that obeys Ohm’s Law and the potential difference applied to the resistor?
47. The distance between an electron and a proton is varied. Which pair of graphs best represents the relationship between gravitational force, Fg, and distance, r, and the relationship between electrostatic force, Fe, and distance, r, for these particles?

48. The diagram below represents a periodic wave traveling through a uniform medium.
If the frequency of the wave is 2.0 hertz, the speed of the wave is
49. The diagram below represents a light ray reflecting from a plane mirror.
The angle of reflection for the light ray is
50. The diagram below shows a standing wave in a string clamped at each end.
What is the total number of nodes and antinodes in the standing wave?

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