PhysicsLAB NY Regents
June 2006, Part 2

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21 Two identical resistors connected in series have an equivalent resistance of 4 ohms. The same two resistors, when connected in parallel, have an equivalent resistance of
22 A 50-watt lightbulb and a 100-watt lighbulb are each operated at 110 volts. Compared to the resistance of the 50-watt bulb, the resistance of the 100-watt bulb is
23 A device operating at a potential difference of 1.5 volts draws a current of 0.20 ampere. How much energy is used by the device in 60. seconds?
24 As the number of resistors in a parallel circuit is increased, what happens to the equivalent resistance of the circuit and total current in the circuit?

25 The energy of a sound wave is most closely related to its
26 A person observes a fireworks display from a safe distance of 0.750 kilometer. Assuming that sound travels at 340. meters per second in air, what is the time between the person seeing and hearing a fireworks explosion?
27 Electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength of 1.3 × 10–7 meter would be classified as
28 The diagram below represents straight wave fronts passing from deep water into shallow water, with a change in speed and direction. Which phenomenon is illustrated in the diagram?
29 Which diagram best represents the path taken by a ray of monochromatic light as it passes from air through the materials shown?

30 What is the speed of a ray of light (f = 5.09 × 1014 hertz) traveling through a block of sodium chloride?
31 A girl on a swing may increase the amplitude of the swing’s oscillations if she moves her legs at the natural frequency of the swing. This is an example of
32 Two waves traveling in the same medium and having the same wavelength (λ) interfere to create a standing wave. What is the distance between two consecutive nodes on this standing wave?
33 An earthquake wave is traveling from west to east through rock. If the particles of the rock are vibrating in a north-south direction, the wave must be classified as
34 A top quark has an approximate charge of
35 A tritium nucleus is formed by combining two neutrons and a proton. The mass of this nucleus is 9.106 × 10–3 universal mass unit less than the combined mass of the particles from which it is formed. Approximately how much energy is released when this nucleus is formed?
36 The length of a dollar bill is approximately
37 A 2.0-kilogram object is falling freely near Earth’s surface. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force that the Earth exerts on the object?
38 A force of 6.0 newtons changes the momentum of a moving object by 3.0 kilogram•meters per second. How long did the force act on the mass?
39 The graph below represents the relationship between the force applied to a spring and spring elongation for four different springs.
Which spring has the greatest spring constant?
40 A 3.0-kilogram steel block is at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface. A 1.0-kilogram lump of clay is propelled horizontally at 6.0 meters per second toward the block as shown in the diagram below.
Upon collision, the clay and steel block stick together and move to the right with a speed of

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