PhysicsLAB NY Regents
January 2009, Part 2

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21 The diagram below represents a 0.5-kilogram bar magnet and a 0.7-kilogram bar magnet with a distance of 0.2 meter between their centers.
Which statement best describes the forces between the bar magnets?

22 A dampened fingertip rubbed around the rim of a crystal stemware glass causes the glass to vibrate and produce a musical note. This effect is due to
23 Which type of wave requires a material medium through which to travel?
24 Compared to the speed of a sound wave in air, the speed of a radio wave in air is
25 If the amplitude of a wave is increased, the frequency of the wave will
26 Which unit is equivalent to meters per second?
27 Which characteristic is the same for every color of light in a vacuum?
28 What is the speed of light (f = 5.09 × 1014 Hz) in flint glass?
29 While playing, two children create a standing wave in a rope, as shown in the diagram below. A third child participates by jumping the rope.
What is the wavelength of this standing wave?
30 A television remote control is used to direct pulses of electromagnetic radiation to a receiver on a television. This communication from the remote control to the television illustrates that electromagnetic radiation

31 A wave of constant wavelength diffracts as it passes through an opening in a barrier. As the size of the opening is increased, the diffraction effects
32 A car’s horn produces a sound wave of constant frequency. As the car speeds up going away from a stationary spectator, the sound wave detected by the spectator

33 An electron in a mercury atom drops from energy level f to energy level c by emitting a photon having an energy of
34 If an object has a net negative charge of 4.0 coulombs, the object possesses

35 Moving electrons are found to exhibit properties of
36 The weight of a typical high school physics student is closest to
37 The diagram below shows a 1.0 × 105-newton truck at rest on a hill that makes an angle of 8.0° with the horizontal.
What is the component of the truck’s weight parallel to the  hill?
38 Which graph best represents the motion of an object in equilibrium?
39 A wooden crate is pushed at constant speed across a  level wooden floor.
Which graph best represents the relationship between the total mechanical energy of the  crate and the duration of time the crate is pushed?
40 A child does 0.20 joule of work to compress the spring in a pop-up toy. If the mass of the toy is 0.010 kilogram, what is the maximum vertical height that the toy can reach after the spring is released?

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