PhysicsLAB NY Regents
January 2009, Part 1

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1 A force of 25 newtons east and a force of 25 newtons west act concurrently on a 5.0-kilogram cart. What is the acceleration of the cart?
2 An unstretched spring has a length of 10. centimeters. When the spring is stretched by a force of 16 newtons, its length is increased to 18 centimeters. What is the spring constant of this spring?
3 What is the acceleration due to gravity at a location where a 15.0-kilogram mass weighs 45.0 newtons?
4 As a car is driven south in a straight line with decreasing speed, the acceleration of the car must be
5 A baseball dropped from the roof of a tall building takes 3.1 seconds to hit the ground. How tall is the building? [Neglect friction.]
6 Which object has the greatest inertia?

7 Centripetal force Fc acts on a car going around a curve. If the speed of the car were twice as great, the magnitude of the centripetal force necessary to keep the car moving in the same path would be
8 The diagram below represents the path of a stunt car that is driven off a cliff, neglecting friction.
Compared to the horizontal component of the car’s velocity at point A, the horizontal component of the car’s velocity at point B is
9 What is the average power required to raise a 1.81 × 104-newton elevator 12.0 meters in 22.5 seconds?
10 If the speed of a moving object is doubled, the kinetic energy of the object is
11 Which statement best explains why a “wet saw” used to cut through fine optical crystals is constantly lubricated with oil?

12 The diagram below shows a toy cart possessing 16 joules of kinetic energy traveling on a frictionless, horizontal surface toward a horizontal spring.
If the cart comes to rest after compressing the spring a distance of 1.0 meter, what is the spring constant of the spring?
13 How much work is required to lift a 10.-newton weight from 4.0 meters to 40. meters above the surface of Earth?
14 Which situation describes a system with decreasing gravitational potential energy?

15 If 20 joules of work is used to transfer 20 coulombs of charge through a 20-ohm resistor, the potential difference across the resistor is
16 At 20°C, four conducting wires made of different materials have the same length and the same diameter. Which wire has the least resistance?
17 Three identical lamps are connected in parallel with each other. If the resistance of each lamp is X-ohms, what is the equivalent resistance of this parallel combination?
18 A 2.0-ohm resistor and a 4.0-ohm resistor are connected in series with a 12-volt battery. If the current through the 2.0-ohm resistor is 2.0 amperes, the current through the 4.0-ohm resistor is
19 The diagram below shows a beam of electrons fired through the region between two oppositely charged parallel plates in a cathode ray tube.
After passing between the charged plates, the electrons will most likely travel path
20 In which circuit would current flow through resistor R1,  but not through resistor R2 while switch S is open?

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