PhysicsLAB NY Regents
January 2007, Part 1

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1 Which is a vector quantity?

2 A 6.0-newton force and an 8.0-newton force act concurrently on a point. As the angle between these forces increases from 0° to 90°, the magnitude of their resultant
3 A car increases its speed from 9.6 meters per second to 11.2 meters per second in 4.0 seconds. The average acceleration of the car during this 4.0-second interval is
4 What is the speed of a 2.5-kilogram mass after it has fallen freely from rest through a distance of 12 meters?
5 A machine launches a tennis ball at an angle of 25° above the horizontal at a speed of 14 meters per second. The ball returns to level ground. Which combination of changes must produce an increase in time of flight of a second launch?

6 A ball attached to a string is moved at constant speed in a horizontal circular path. A target is located near the path of the ball as shown in the diagram.
At which point along the ball’s path should the string be released, if the ball is to hit the target?
7 A plane flying horizontally above Earth’s surface at 100. meters per second drops a crate. The crate strikes the ground 30.0 seconds later. What is the magnitude of the horizontal component of the crate’s velocity just before it strikes the ground? [Neglect friction.]
8 A woman with horizontal velocity v1 jumps off a dock into a stationary boat. After landing in the boat, the woman and the boat move with velocity v2. Compared to velocity v1, velocity v2 has

9 Which object has the greatest inertia?

10 As an astronaut travels from the surface of Earth to a position that is four times as far away from the center of Earth, the astronaut’s

11 A 0.15-kilogram baseball moving at 20. meters per second is stopped by a catcher in 0.010 second. The average force stopping the ball is
12 A spring with a spring constant of 80. newtons per meter is displaced 0.30 meter from its equilibrium position. The potential energy stored in the spring is
13 The work done in accelerating an object along a frictionless horizontal surface is equal to the change in the object’s
14 As a block slides across a table, its speed decreases while its temperature increases. Which two changes occur in the block’s energy as it slides?

15 If 60. joules of work is required to move 5.0 coulombs of charge between two points in an electric field, what is the potential difference between these points?
16 Which statement best describes a proton that is being accelerated?

17 The diagram below represents a simple circuit consisting of a variable resistor, a battery, an  ammeter, and a voltmeter.
What is the effect of increasing the resistance of the variable resistor from 1000 Ω to 10000 Ω? [Assume constant temperature.]

18 If the distance separating an electron and a proton is halved, the magnitude of the electrostatic force between these charged particles will be
19 Two similar metal spheres, A and B, have charges of +2.0 × 10–6 coulomb and +1.0 × 10–6 coulomb, respectively, as shown in the diagram below. The magnitude of the electrostatic force on A due to B is 2.4 newtons.
What is the magnitude of the electrostatic force on B due to A?
20 In the diagram below, P is a point near a negatively charged sphere.
Which vector best represents the direction of the electric field at point P?

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