PhysicsLAB NY Regents
January 2006, Part 2

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21 A truck weighing 3.0 × 104 newtons was driven up a hill that is 1.6 × 103 meters long to a level area that is 8.0 × 102 meters above the starting point. If the trip took 480 seconds, what was the minimum power required?
22 The graph below represents the relationship between the potential difference (V) across a resistor and the current (I) through the resistor.
Through which entire interval does the resistor obey Ohm’s law?
23 Aluminum, copper, gold, and nichrome wires of equal lengths of 1.0 × 10–1 meter and equal cross-sectional areas of 2.5 × 10–6 meter2 are at 20.°C. Which wire has the greatest electrical resistance?
24 How much electrical energy is required to move a 4.00-microcoulomb charge through a potential difference of 36.0 volts?
25 What must be inserted between points A and B to establish a steady electric current in the incomplete circuit represented in the diagram below?

26 In a series circuit containing two lamps, the battery supplies a potential difference of 1.5 volts. If the current in the circuit is 0.10 ampere, at what rate does the circuit use energy?
27 An electron placed between oppositely charged parallel plates A and B moves toward plate A, as represented in the diagram below.
What is the direction of the electric field between the plates?
28 A sonar wave is reflected from the ocean floor. For which angles of incidence do the wave’s angle of reflection equal its angle of incidence?

29 How are electromagnetic waves that are produced by oscillating charges and sound waves that are produced by oscillating tuning forks similar?

30 The diagram below represents a transverse wave traveling in a string.
Which two labeled points are 180° out of phase?
31 When observed from Earth, the wavelengths of light emitted by a star are shifted toward the red end of the electromagnetic spectrum. This redshift occurs because the star is

32 The diagram below represents shallow water waves of constant wavelength passing through two small openings, A and B, in a barrier.
Which statement best describes the interference at point P?

33 Oil droplets may gain electrical charges as they are projected through a nozzle. Which quantity of charge is not possible on an oil droplet?
34 All photons in a vacuum have the same
35 Which phenomenon best supports the theory that matter has a wave nature?
36 What is the approximate mass of an automobile?
37 Which pair of quantities can be expressed using the same units?

38 The graph below represents the relationship between speed and time for an object moving along a straight line.
What is the total distance traveled by the object during the first 4 seconds?
39 An electrical generator in a science classroom makes a light bulb glow when a student turns a hand crank on the generator. During its operation, this generator converts

40 In the diagram below, a cart travels clockwise at constant speed in a horizontal circle.
At the position shown in the diagram, which arrow indicates the direction of the centripetal acceleration of the cart?

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