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Class Rules

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Below is a list of personal supplies which are required for this class.
  • #2 pencils and erasers for homework and tests (pens are NOT acceptable)
  • scientific or graphing calculator
  • 3-ring notebook for class notes and numerous handouts (2 to 3 inches)
  • looseleaf lined paper
  • all AP students must maintain a lab notebook
       → AP1 students need to bring $1.00 to repay Mrs. Colwell
       → AP2 students will continue using their notebooks from last year
  • 3 dark-colored pencils or fine-tipped markers or fine-tipped highlighters
  • plastic 30-centimeter ruler and protractor
Below is a list of classroom rules. Please read through them carefully.
1. There will be absolutely no eating in the lab room during class. Moreover, there will be no drinks allowed (including water) during labs.
2. You are expected to obey Father Lopez's dress code. Closed-toed shoes are required when we are doing labs.
3. You must have a pass from the front office or another teacher if you come to class late or if you ever need to leave class early. My classes start immediately with the ringing of the bell. Whenever homework is due, it will be collected as you enter the classroom.
4. Personal flash drives, iPods, or phones are NEVER permitted to be plugged in to the lab's desktop computers unless you have received permission from Mrs. Colwell in ADVANCE. The lab's computers have been specially configured to fit the needs of the physics curriculum. To insure that all classes have optimum operating conditions, changing browser, display, or a program's default settings is not allowed. Violations of this computer usage policy will be considered a disciplinary matter that falls under the jurisdiction of the school administration.
5. You are not allowed to access personal email accounts, unauthorized websites or game sites during class on either the lab's machines, your phones, or your personal internet device. Moreover, during class, you are NOT allowed to use cellphones or personal internet devices for conversations, texting, listening to music, recording conversations/lectures, or taking pictures and/or video. Neither head phones nor ear plugs are allowed. It is assumed that each student is present in class to listen and learn and not bother a neighboring student. Violations will result in your device(s) being removed until the end of class.
During testing, all phones are to be turned off and placed securely in your bookbags or purses which are to be closed and placed on the floor until the end of the period. Phones may NOT be used as calculators during tests. If a phone is seen by your instructor anytime during a testing period, it will be assumed that you are cheating, the phone will be confiscated, and your actions will be referred to the Dean of Students for appropriate action.
6. Come prepared daily with your notebook(s), completed homework and supplies. Printing is NOT allowed without first asking for and receving permission. Homework, lab reports and paper tests MUST be completed in pencil. The use of pens is NOT allowed on these assignment types. Any papers completed in pen will not be accepted or graded. Only personal classnotes may be taken in pen.
7. Labs are usually completed in groups of 2 unless equipment is in short supply or the lab requires three "sets of hands" to collect the data. All members of the lab assist in completing a single lab report which will be turned in for the group. Since each lab is a co-operative group effort, attendance is critical. If a lab requires three class periods, one day's absence will reduce a student's grade by 33%, since everyone must participate in ALL phases of the lab: data collection, analysis, and conclusions. See make-up option 9(c) below.

Lopez has gone through great expense to provide the lab equipment needed for our experiments. You are not allowed to PLAY with or MISHANDLE equipment - it should be used as directed by your teacher. Financial damages will be assessed to students who destroy equipment in a reckless, irresponsible manner.
8. Personal ethics. Honesty, integrity, and respect are the foundation for the high standards of academic leadership by which all students enrolled at Father Lopez Catholic High School should abide. The Physics Honor Code begins with the belief that every student has the right to pursue an education free from the ills caused by any form of intellectual dishonesty.
I understand that Physics is a challenging course of study, and while group study is accepted and encouraged, ethical conduct is expected at all times. The class is based on each student coming prepared and ready to participate with informed questions. Academic violations of the Honor Code consist of the following:
Cheating includes the actual giving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance on any form of academic work. Plagiarism includes the copying of or representation of another's work as one's own; including all written assignments as well as class online submissions.
Respect for your fellow students and the instructor includes listening when others are speaking and not violating anyone's privacy by recording, taking pictures, or videotaping any activities in the classroom without getting permission in advance.
Inherent in this Code is the responsibility of an individual to come forth and report any form of violation in the Honor Code. Violations of the Honor Code will be considered a disciplinary matter that falls under the jurisdiction of the school administration.
9. Whenever you are absent:
  1. It is your responsibility to access Lopez LearningXchange ( to determine what occurred in class during your absence. A link will be provided to LearningXchange through Schoology. Please do not return to class and ask, "What happened yesterday?" Being absent is NOT an excuse for coming to class unprepared the next day. You should get copies of any notes you missed for your notebooks so that you can study for tests and quizzes. If internet access is not available, it is highly recommended that on the day of an absence, you call another classmate to find out what happened in class so that you can be prepared for class the next day. If an assignment is due the following day, you are expected to have it completed. It is not acceptable to come to class unprepared after an absence. You are always held accountable for coming to class prepared.
  3. any homework not completed on time can be accessed a late penalty. Once an entire homework assignment (either from a handout, textbook, or online worksheet) has been "gone over" in class, credit can no longer be received on that particular assignment. All online assignments and labs in PhysicsLAB must be completed/submitted prior to the test covering their content. Online due dates and "accepted until" dates are clearly displayed on LearningXchange.

    After a 10-calendar day time interval and if no scheduled test has been adminstered, EXTREMELY LATE online assignments (worksheets and labs) will still be accepted but will be accessed a 40% penalty. Remember that you can verify the completeness of your submissions from your binder by checking your Submission Summary accessed through your online binder in LearningXchange.
  5. make-up labs must be scheduled IN ADVANCE - you MUST bring your own lab partner. This should be someone from your class period who has already done the lab who can help expedite your experiment. Lab partners receive the higher of your grade or their original team's grade. Labs must be made up prior to the unit's test date since quizzes and tests will contain questions from each lab.
  7. missed quizzes must be scheduled IN ADVANCE. All quizzes must be completed prior to the unit's test date.
  9. Absences for scheduled tests/exams must be approved in advance. My philosophy is that ALL students should make arrangements to be present on test/exam days. If special arrangements have been approved in advance, a MAKE-UP test will be scheduled within five days of the original test's date. You will not be allotted any more time than the students received when they took it during class.

    Retesting is a privilege that must be earned. Students may take only ONE retest per semester. Students will frequently be availed of opportunities to earn extra points on tests/exams through bonus test questions. These questions will show me that you have mastered past material in a testing situation. Absolutely no EC projects can improve test/quiz grades.
10. Deadlines are not negotiable. Quiz and test dates are set by your instructor to progress you through the required material encompassing the course in a timely manner. It is your responsibility to stay current in your assignments and meet these responsibilities. If you do not master the course's content day-by-day it is virutally impossible to have enough experience with the material to succeed with future curriculum.
11. Semester grades at Father Lopez are based on a 10-point scale. Although grades will be updated weekly, there will be "official" interim reports released by the administration through RenWeb at 6-weeks and 12-weeks. Starting last year, a cumulative semester exam will count as 20% of the final semester grade. Students are required to earn a minimum of 50% on this exam.
This school year, grades are determined by total points earned. 
Each homework assignment, Davidson/Khan Academy unit, lab, quiz, and test will be assigned a maximum number of points. Your grade will be based on the raw percentage of the number of total points which you earn. No longer will assignments be "categorized" in RenWeb as formative, alternative assignment, and summative.
Checking the following checkbox and subsequently submiting this form, by entering your student username and password, signifies that you have read through these class rules as they were explained to you during class and that you agree to abide by the The Physics Honor Code.

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