PhysicsLAB AP Equations
APC Mechanics

Published formulas

Published values with additional units
a acceleration m/sec2
F force N kg m/sec2
f frequency hz 1/sec
h height m
I rotational inertia kg m2
J impulse N sec kg m/sec
K kinetic energy J kg m2/sec2
k spring constant N/m kg/sec2
length m
L angular momentum kg m2/sec
m mass kg
N normal force N kg m/sec2
P power watt J/sec
p momentum kg m/sec
r radius or distance m
r position vector m
T period sec/vib sec
t time sec
U potential energy J kg m2/sec2
v velocity or speed m/sec
W work J N m
x position m
μ coefficient of friction
θ angle degrees
τ torque m N
ω angular speed rad/sec
α angular acceleration rad/sec2
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